You are probably wondering how to add a Music of your library in ringing from your device iPhone. Indeed, Apple is intended to be very corporate, and leaves very little room for customization in their range of devices. Some even go as far as jail breaker their iPhone in order to be able to have a little more freedom. You guessed it, then it is not so easy to change the ringtone of your iPhone device, although it is not impossible. You must first make sure that you have the title you want to add as an iPhone ringtone, on your Macbook, at the mp3 format. Thus, you will find in this article the different steps to follow in order to add music from your library as a ringtone on your iPhone device. Good reading!

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Can we change the ringtone of an iPhone directly under the iOS system?

As previously stated, Apple is not fond of customizing its devices. With Apple, we use the iOS system, apple apps, ringtones and apple alarms… in principle. Of course, for those who wish to go a little further and who are ready to carry out some manipulations, it will be quite possible to set music as a ringtone on an iPhone device. To do this, you will need a device Macbook in order to be able to use the software iTunes as well as the song you want to set as your iPhone ringtone, in the format mp3, on your Mac.

If you do not yet have the song, know that it will be possible to convert to mp3 format directly from the Youtube platform, via an online conversion site.

Steps to change the ringtone of an iPhone device

Now that you have downloaded the song you want to set as your iPhone device's ringtone in the format mp3 on your Macbook, we invite you to open the software iTunes. Here are the steps to follow in order to convert this song into a suitable format to be defined as a ringtone under the system iOS:

  • Select the music you want to set as your iPhone ringtone on the software iTunes
  • Right click on the song then select the option Obtain informations
  • Press Option
  • Cut 30 seconds from the passage of the song in question using the Timecode . The passage should not exceed 30 seconds, since it will be the ringing time of your iPhone: be careful when you define the start time as well as the end time of the passage
  • Press OK then now go to the menu File
  • Press Convert
  • Press Create an AAC version
  • Your library iTunes now has the song containing the passage you selected, with the same name but no longer than thirty seconds; right click on this song then press Show in Finder
  • Move this new file directly to the desktop of your Macbook device
  • It will now be necessary to modify the extension of the file by replacing the extension .m4a by .m4r
  • Make sure that once the extension change is made, the file has disappeared from your library iTunes: if it is still present in the library iTunes, it will have to be deleted manually.
  • Add the file currently on your Macbook device's desktop to your library iTunes in the game sounds ou alarms
  • Transfer the file to your iPhone directly from iTunes by plugging your iPhone device into your Macbook device using a cord USB, by making a synchronization. The song is now in the songs saved on your iPhone device, accessible from your library
  • Now go to the Settings from your iPhone
  • Press sounds
  • Press Sounds and vibration sequences
  • Press Alarm
change iphone ringtone
  • Find the title you just edited and want to set as your iPhone ringtone then set it as your iPhone device ringtone

You can then choose a different music for your messages and for your calls.