You may wonder whether or not your iPhone device is " rooted". Be careful, however, not to mix everything up. Some manipulations are not compatible with any operating systemnot. Thus, you will find in this article the steps to follow in order to know if it is possible to rooter un iPhone, or if this manipulation is actually only reserved for devices Android. Indeed, you will discover that there is a major difference between the root on Android and jailbreak de l 'iPhone. Good reading!

iphone rooted?

Is it possible for an iPhone device to be rooted?

Users sometimes tend to confuse the following two manipulations: the root on Android and jailbreak de l 'iPhone. However, this is a mistake! He is cannot root iOS device, As he is cannot jailbreak an Android device. So if you were wondering whether or not your iphone is rooted, the answer is bound to be no. the root is exclusively reserved for devices Android. On the other hand, it is possible to jailbreak iOS.

The jailbreak of an iPhone

If an iPhone cannot be rooted, it can however be jailbroken. The fact of jail breaker an iPhone allows users to perform operations as well as tasks that are normally not possible on an iPhone device. It is therefore a question of doing " sauter »In a way the official clamping installed by Apple on all devices iOS. You can jail breaker your iPhone using a kernel personalized in order to give access to the root of the iOS system. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can then download applications not offered by theApp Store, install new themes or install extensions not authorized by Apple. same jailbroken, an iPhone will always remain functional aspects et compatible with all the features of iOS.