It will happen that your iPhone 14 rows and is suddenly no longer as efficient as when it started. It is therefore essential to identify the reason for this slowness with your device, to act accordingly. You will find that several factors can cause this kind of problem. This is why you will see with this article why your iPhone 14 is lagging but also the steps to follow if you want to give your device a second life so that it can work optimally again.

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Turn off then turn on your iPhone 14 if your mobile is rowing too much

The first thing to do if your iPhone 14 is slow is to simply restart your device. Turning your device off and then back on could fix a number of operating bugs. Do not hesitate to force restart your device if it refuses to turn off.

iPhone 14 Slow Problem: Your Device Storage Is Surely Full

Do not hesitate to empty your iPhone 14 so as to restore speed and fluidity. Indeed, the more information you keep (videos, images, music tracks, applications, etc.) on your iPhone 14, the more data it will have to process, which can significantly slow down its operation. In order to optimize the performance of your iPhone 14, you must maintain at least 1 GB of free space. If the available storage space of your iPhone 14 is less than 1 GB, your device will start to be very slow because the iOS system implements actions to regularly make room in order to be able to add content additional.

If your iPhone 14 is lagging, avoid using several software and apps at the same time

It is quite possible that the slowness problem of your iPhone 14 is related to an overuse of your apps. Indeed, your iPhone 14 is not designed to be able to work optimally on a large number of applications simultaneously. Be sure to close apps you aren't using and focus on one or two apps. If too many apps happen to be used simultaneously from your iPhone 14, these will take a long time to load, open and respond to various commands.

If the internet is slow on your iPhone 14, make sure it's connected to a high-performance network

If the Wi-Fi network is choppy or not efficient, it will be common for your iPhone 14 to lag and struggle to open web pages and load content. If possible, switch back to your cellular data or connect to a better Wi-Fi network.

In the event that your iPhone 14 is slow since the update, check the compatibility of your device with the latest version

Your iPhone 14 may have started to lag after the latest update downloaded to your device. In this situation, it is likely that your iPhone 14 is not recent enough to support all the contributions of the latest system version. In this case, updates will not be recommended because your iPhone 14 will have trouble running the operating system, which will have become more demanding than the previous version.

Your iPhone 14 is too slow: planned obsolescence?

You have certainly not escaped rumors of planned obsolescence from Apple, according to which the famous electronics manufacturer deliberately slowed down older iPhone models in order to encourage consumers to buy a newer one. It is in fact simply the manufacture of the battery: older batteries will not be manufactured to withstand temperatures that are too low or, on the contrary, too hot. So your phone could suddenly shut down. The processors of older iPhone models therefore operate at a much lower speed than the newer models that you can find on the market today.

Reset your iPhone 14

As a last resort, you can always reset your iPhone 14. However, make sure you have generated a backup of your device because all settings and data will be completely erased.

The battery status of your iPhone 14

It is completely normal that over time, the battery of your iPhone 14 is less efficient than when it started. So check that the battery of your iPhone 14 is still valid. If it reaches the end of its life, the performance of your iPhone 14 will be reduced and consequently, your device will be slower.

How to increase the speed of your iPhone 14?

If your iPhone 14 has become too slow due to a lack of available space, you will be able to make room on your device by generating online copies on external backup software such as iCloud or even DropBox for example.

Si your iphone 14 bug, do not hesitate to read our article.

Regularly updating your iPhone 14 will allow you to give it a boost, provided that the model of your device is capable of supporting the new version of the system.

It is also recommended to deactivate automatic background processes, which can considerably slow down your iPhone 14. You will be able to delete this data by going to the settings of your iPhone 14, from the Cellular network options. Call Apple service if your iPhone 14 slow issue persists.

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