In the event that your iPhone 14 Pro vibrates on its own, there are several possible causes. However, when you are unable to understand why your iPhone 14 Pro vibrates without you wanting it, these incessant vibrations can quickly prove to be very disturbing, even unbearable. We will therefore allow you to find the origin of these vibrations in your iPhone 14 Pro so that you can stop them and regain peace of mind.

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When your iPhone 14 Pro vibrates unintentionally frequently without any display, check your smartphone notification settings menu

It is likely that your iPhone 14 Pro vibrates without you wanting it all of a sudden without any notification showing up on your smartphone screen though. If your iPhone 14 Pro will be in vibrate mode and some of your apps are set to sound mode for notifications (i.e. vibrate when your iPhone 14 Pro is in silent mode) and other forms of notification will be disabled (the display of banner notifications, display of notifications on the locked screen, etc.), your iPhone 14 Pro may vibrate without showing any notifications. It will therefore be necessary to check your applications one by one to be able to find the app which has received a new notification and which has therefore caused a vibration in your smartphone. You can always go to the settings menu of your iPhone 14 Pro to be able to configure the display of notifications on your mobile.

Stop unexpected vibrations of your iPhone 14 Pro via the notification center

It is possible to get rid of unwanted vibrations from your iPhone 14 Pro by performing the steps below:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone 14 Pro
  • Open Notifications
  • Now check that the apps that have notifications enabled are set to the Notification Center or Banners only alert type.
  • Also enable the Lock screen option

Untimely vibrations for no reason with your iPhone 14 Pro: update your smartphone

It also sometimes happens that these unexpected vibrations come from a bug in the system. If so, feel free to run the update for your iPhone 14 Pro. Normally updating your smartphone will avoid certain conflicts and this kind of inconvenience. Be sure to run updates for your device whenever they are available.

Your iPhone 14 Pro suddenly vibrates when charging

When you power on your iPhone 14 Pro, you'll feel a slight vibration. This small vibration tells you that your iPhone 14 Pro is charging. However, your iPhone 14 Pro may vibrate several times, consecutively or not. If this is the case, it is likely that the charging cord or the adapter used is no longer in working order and that your iPhone 14 Pro charges badly, or only recharges occasionally. That's why, each time your iPhone 14 Pro is charging again (let's say it's charging in phases), you'll feel a little vibration. So change the charger of your iPhone 14 Pro and get a charger approved by the Apple brand.

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