Are you trying to make a phone call but your iPhone 7 is not picking up well and the call does not go through? This problem will be very restrictive, especially when you have to make an important call. That said, you will find many tips to quickly recover from the network with your mobile device, without necessarily having to go through a reset of the latter. You will therefore find with this article different methods if you want to make sure that your iPhone 7 picks up well again.

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No service on your iPhone 7: start by restarting your laptop

It is sometimes possible that your iPhone 7 encounters small operating problems, thus preventing it from picking up the network. In some cases, simply turning your iPhone 7 off and then back on will be enough to find a decent network.

If your iPhone 7 picks up badly, disable then re-enable cellular data

Disabling and then re-enabling your iPhone 7's cellular data will help restore your phone's network connection. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone 7
  • Enter Cellular Data
  • When your mobile line is activated, deactivate it then reactivate it; in the event that it turns out to be disabled, simply re-enable it
  • Make sure you have good access to a mobile network

If ever your iPhone 7 does not pick up well, it is likely that the SIM card is damaged

If you ever notice that the SIM card of your iPhone 7 will be defective, you will have to contact your telephone operator so that they can give you a new one. The state of the latter can indeed play on the ability of your iPhone 7 to capture well.

Network problem with your iPhone 7: look at the network coverage

First make sure that you are in an area covered by a mobile network. It is indeed possible that your network malfunction does not come from your iPhone 7 but from the place in which you are.

Disable then re-enable Airplane mode on your iPhone 7

Feel free to disable and re-enable Airplane mode on your iPhone 7 to be able to search for network again. This operation will indeed force your iPhone 7 to search for the network and normally resolve your failure.

If you no longer have access to a mobile network on your iPhone 7, update

Don't hesitate to update your iPhone 7 regularly. The latest iOS update will save you from all sorts of hassles.

In the event that your iPhone 7 no longer picks up 4G, inform your operator

Your operator may indeed encounter some problems that have a direct impact on the quality of your mobile network. Contact your operator to ensure that your iPhone 7 is able to access mobile services, that it has a corresponding subscription, that your account is active and funded and to finish, that there are no problems affecting the network in the region in which you are now.

If Search or SOS appears on your iPhone 7 screen, reset all network settings

If you notice that the message Search or SOS appears on the screen of your iPhone 7, you will need to reset the network settings. Here's how to go about it:

  • Go to the Settings section of your iPhone 7
  • Enter General
  • Now go to Transfer or reset device
  • Tap Reset
  • Then click on Reset network settings

Note that this technique for resetting network settings will also reset networks and Wi-Fi passwords, as well as all cellular settings, all VPN and APN settings, etc.

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