In the event that your iPhone 14 overheats without you understanding why, or that it overheats abnormally when it is going to remain in charge, you will have to consider several checks. Indeed, this unexpected heating can be linked to a much deeper problem with your phone. This is why, with this article, you will understand the reasons why your iPhone 14 overheats excessively, as well as what you can do to avoid this kind of problem.

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If ever your iPhone 14 overheats excessively, restart it

Do not hesitate to restart your iPhone 14 at the slightest malfunction. Indeed, restarting your phone means resetting the components, which may tire when you haven't turned your iPhone 14 off and on for a long time. Turn off then turn on your iPhone 14 then try to see if the heating problem remains.

Overusing your iPhone 14 can cause your phone to overheat

When using your iPhone 14, avoid opening a multitude of applications at once, while opening HD videos and playing a game for example. This kind of use can indeed cause your iPhone 14 to overheat.

Extreme temperature of your iPhone 14: avoid exposing your phone to extreme heat

If your iPhone 14 is going to be left in direct sunlight in a vehicle, or simply placed on a coffee table under a heat lamp, it is quite common for it to overheat, even stop working or put on off. Your iPhone 14 will be supposed to be able to work in temperatures between -20°C and 45°C, but such temperature ranges will not be recommended.

Shut down all power-hungry features to prevent your iPhone 14 from overheating

AirDrop and Bluetooth, for example, will be 2 functions that use a lot of energy. If you don't need them right away, uncheck these services to avoid unnecessary heating of your iPhone 14.

If your iPhone 14 storage will be full, it will tend to overheat

If too much information is contained on your iPhone 14, it will have difficulty processing all of it, and will then start to heat up. In this case, you will have to check the storage space of your iPhone 14 then if you observe that there is not enough memory space, you will have to free up space. You can back up all of your videos, photos and music to storage spaces on the web, for example. Also be sure to regularly empty the cache of the browser you use with your iPhone 14, delete all browsing history, apps you no longer use, ephemeral files, etc.

Background apps are causing your iPhone 14 to heat up

The various apps that run in the background on your iPhone 14, such as Messenger, Spapchat, Maps, Google Maps... will make your phone work, even if they are not used directly. They may therefore be the cause of your iPhone 14 overheating. It is therefore essential to deactivate them. To do this, simply press the Home key on your phone and then drag the various tabs up.

Plastic protective shells can lead to heating difficulties with your iPhone 14

Plastic will remain a material known for its insulating capacities. This is why, when you equip your iPhone 14 with shells made of this material, it will have difficulty evacuating the hot air, and can then start to overheat in an unusual way. It will be better to provide you with protective shells in a different material to avoid this kind of problem.

If your iPhone 14 is overheating in an unusual way, check iCloud services

It is likely that your iPhone 14 is overheating a lot because your phone's iCloud services will have crashed or it was interrupted during the process of copying or restoring data. Indeed, these kinds of events can cause a number of problems with your iPhone 14, such as overheating for example. You will then have to check the iCloud services of your iPhone 14 by doing the following:

  • Open the Settings section of your phone
  • Go to iCloud Services
  • Perform the steps that appear on the screen of your iPhone 14

Si your iPhone 14 heats up when charging, see our article.

Abnormal overheating of your iPhone 14: a reset may be beneficial

It is possible that a reset of your iPhone 14 will allow it to work better afterwards, without encountering difficulties with overheating. On the other hand, be sure to store all of your data upstream, because after the reset, all the data contained on your iPhone 14 will be lost. If the overheating problem with your iPhone 14 remains, you will need to go to an Apple Store (provided with your product's warranty) or to an Apple-approved repair center.

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