It is likely that your iPhone 13 mini overheats when charging. Indeed, some elements may cause this phenomenon of temperature increase in your mobile phone, which could break your iPhone 13 mini in the long term. You will then see in this tutorial what will sometimes lead to sudden overheating of your iPhone 13 mini as well as how to avoid this kind of event.

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In the event that your iPhone 13 mini heats up too much when charging, stop using your mobile phone

When you request your iPhone 13 mini during the charging phase, for example when you use the GPS of your iPhone 13 mini while charging it while driving, your mobile phone will have difficulty supporting the charging as well as the management of location data simultaneously, hence the increase in temperature of your device. The same applies when you use the different apps on your iPhone 13 mini while it is charging.

Is your iPhone 13 mini battery still functional?

It should be noted that all rechargeable batteries are consumable components whose efficiency will decrease over the years. The more you use your iPhone 13 mini, the more its battery life will decrease. When it reaches the end, it will start to heat up more than usual. So make sure that the battery of your iPhone 13 mini is still in good condition.

Temperature concern of your iPhone 13 mini while charging: is the charger or the adapter used approved by Apple?

Several unapproved chargers can lead to damage to your iPhone 13 mini. Indeed, very often, they do not respect the rules for charging your mobile phone (the number of amperes, the frequency, the mains voltage, the output voltage, etc.). If so, your iPhone 13 mini will start to heat up unusually. In the long term, this type of chargers or adapters could damage your iPhone 13 mini. Be careful to always bring Apple-approved chargers and adapters to avoid this type of hassle. Also, when the charger is no longer functional, it can also be the cause of your iPhone 13 mini overheating.

Your iPhone 13 mini overheats for no reason when it is going to be powered up: security covers

It is likely that you have recently purchased a security case to secure your iPhone 13 mini. If this is the case, it is possible that the security case you use for your iPhone 13 mini is made of plastic or silicone, which will promote a feeling of overheating during the charging phase of your mobile phone, because the plastic is going to be an insulator that prevents your iPhone 13 mini from breathing. It will also take much longer to cool down. Be sure to remove such covers when you turn on your iPhone 13 mini.

When your iPhone 13 mini continues to heat up when it's going to be charged, try resetting your device

You can always try to reset your iPhone 13 mini to factory settings in the event that you are unable to solve the problem of overheating in charge of your mobile phone. The reset process is to be carried out once all your data has been correctly recorded.

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